High-Tech Advantage

Our practice is devoted to providing the highest level of care utilizing the latest techniques, materials, and equipment. Our technological advancements help us diagnose your condition more accurately and comprehensively, work more conservatively and efficiently, and deliver your care more comfortably. Come experience the difference our technology can make.

  • Complete office computerization- From registration, health history, billing, and other clerical records to digital pictures and radiographs, our office is fully computerized and networked including the treatment rooms.
  • Digital Radiography-We offer this service as opposed to traditional x-rays. By using a small sensor instead of film we are able to take radiographs with nearly 80% less radiation AND with better diagnostic capabilities. X-rays are available in seconds and are stored electronically in the patient’s computer chart.
  • Digital Imaging-see results of treatment by computer simulation prior to the initiation of treatment.
  • Digital Panorex-This is a machine that allows us to radiograph the entire jaw, sinuses, and joints. It is often used for evaluating developing dentitions and wisdom teeth. Again, the radiation is minimized compared to standard film and the image and ability to enhance is superior.
  • Sirona Cone Beam CT-This is a 3-demensional radiography that takes radiographs to a new level.  Now CT scan images can aid in diagnostically for pathology or implant placement.
  • Intra-Oral Camera-This technology allows you to simultaneously observe with us the condition of your mouth magnified on a computer monitor. Pictures can be saved digitally in your file for later comparison or transmitted to an insurance company or specialist for review.
  • Diagnodent Laser-This laser is capable of detecting cavities more accurately and earlier than previous methods.
  • Telescopic glasses (loupes)-By utilizing increased magnification treatment is performed at a higher level. You can not treat what you can not see. Microdentistry is more conservative, precise, and longer lasting.
  • Emergency Defibrillator-Unfortunately medical emergencies can occur. Our office is equipped with the training and equipment to deliver initial care until further medical assistance can be obtained.
  • Electric Handpieces-As opposed to traditional air driven drills, these handpieces are smooth cutting, less noisy, and faster. These features lead to more comfortable and efficient treatment.
  • Biolase Waterlase Laser-A marvel of modern dentistry, this instrument allows us to treat hard and soft tissue problems, such as cavities and soft tissue lesions, often without drilling, shots, or pain. Our office was one of the first in the country to acquire this technology and have been featured in newspapers and on television demonstrating its’ uses. Be sure to check out our link to learn more about this exciting treatment option.  Find out more about Biolase Waterlase Laser >>
  • Sterilization Center-Our office employs the latest technologies and follows strict infection control guidelines that meet or exceed recommended standards by the American Dental Association, Center for Disease Control, and OSHA.