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I’ve got to say that Dr. Wilson is awesome. I had a dentist who wanted to do silver fillings and told me that was all he used. Dr. Wilson fixed my teeth using tooth colored fillings and they look and feel great. He used a laser with no Novocaine and it was totally painless. He is the most high tech doctor I’ve ever been to. I’ve been telling all my friends and the ones who have seen him too. –City Search Review


Hi, I’m an actor living in the Shoreline area. Dr. Wilson has just completed some major cosmetic dentistry on me and I could not be happier. Not only does the man possess a high degree of skill but he is also gifted with a keen artistic and aesthetic eye. I’m a goofy, character actor – not a leading man – and so I was extra particular (you might even say annoyingly particular) about the color and shape of the eight porcelain caps that Dr. Wilson created for me. Listening attentively to my concerns about the subtle imperfections I wanted him to give my new teeth, Dr. Wilson worked closely with me to make sure my caps would not appear artificial -like a set of perfect Hollywood choppers – which we both agreed was not the right look for me. Throughout the process his patience and expertise were reassuring and the end result is a smile that fits my personality to a T and appears absolutely natural. I sincerely recommend Dr. Wilson and his warm and courteous staff for all your dentistry needs. – Chris Elliott


I have had many very pleasant experiences in this dental office. The staff members I met, are all very friendly and conducted themselves in a very professional manner. Their dental Hygienist, was wonderful. I was made to feel at ease. I have terrible stress about going to the Dentist. However Dr. Craig Wilson, always made me feel, like he truly cared about my health issues.. Bravo to a spectacular Dentist, and such a kindhearted man. Sincerely, a very happy patient. –Deborah G